Kids clothes for transitional period

The first rule is: not too hot, not too cold. Very funny, you will now think is logical. But unfortunately not so easy. If I, for example, my two children would always attract the same warm, I could not meet two of. My 3 year old daughter is very petite and moves much less than its nearly 6 -year-old big brother who constantly has ants in.

Even small children have a different perception of temperature and initially find out if your child starts to sweat easily or is more of the shivering variety. In babies, there is the basic rule that you should always put them on slightly warmer than himself If mom so for a longer stay in the open air gets cold legs and the wind blows to sensitive ears, should small children already in the fast path in front of the door be equipped with tights and headgear.

The second rule is: layered look. This is simple and effective at the same time and comes with both ” Schwitzkindern ” and ” frostbite ” benefit. The best attracts you older children in the transitional period always several garments, which they can then take off at will. It is recommended, for example, first an undershirt, then a T-Shirt, Sweatshirt or a thin sweater and to play outside a function or a jacket breathable rain jacket. Good functional clothing is a lot of value in the transitional period and ensures that children are toasty wrapped in all weather conditions.

Mothers with small babies are well advised when their children as long as they are not yet walking, warm wrap in rompers and suits and including attention to bodies with a high proportion of natural fibers (cotton, linen, cashmere, wool), so that the little ones completely comfortable. The layer above may also include shares of synthetic fibers (viscose, polyester, nylon), so that an optimal heat and humidity conditions and is guaranteed for a higher comfort while in motion.