A jumpsuit for children and adults

Now where it gets really frosty outside already and we already partially return home with red cheeks, is the feeling when we hang the street clothes on the hook and us in the most comfortable in – slouch, we can find in our closets, just wonderful.

Our daughter has recently been particularly envious of me in such moments, as she got away from the brand new Berlin label ZIPUPS a stylish gift: a blue jumpsuit Kids nordics.

When I amused myself a few weeks ago still about a guy in a completely pink jumpsuit that I saw running through the center of Berlin, I still thought: Since when are bodysuits for adults in fashion?

But since then prances our Small at every opportunity in their kids nordics around me, rages or lolling and enjoys it visible, the benefits are to me always conscious: no pinching or bad seats more, an incredible freedom of movement, quick on and off and a cozy, loose feeling when wearing.

I also have been playing with the idea to bring me a ZIPUPS because luckily there is this yes even for adults – and he does not have to be pink…