Beautiful autumn and winter fashion against the cold

The autumn and winter fashion makes the cold weather seem nice. Against autumn chill, winter cold and snow, there are such great outfits that the women during the golden autumn should look forward to impatient winter. The amazing outfits you should make quickly the mood for the winter walk and every other winter things, but are also suitable for the professional.

Autumn and winter fashion figure shows

Under the warm clothes for fall and winter, no woman will have to hide. You can also show in the very warm and windproof outfits figure. Narrow cuts, emphasis on the waist and the right material to that. Right hip are combinations of chic leather goods and imitation leather with faux fur, fur and wool. Leather is the big trend, whether in pants, skirts, short dresses or coats and jackets. They must protect themselves against the cold this winter with the chic leather jackets with shearling lining.

The cold season comes with colourful designs

Wool is part of the fall and winter as colourful foliage and snow. The wool of the cold season comes with colourful designs, but also the classics like brown or grey so. It is great in the fall: Great poncho made of wool made of colour squares in a patchwork style. Always chic, sporty, hoodies are warm and practical, with or without zipper. Here you will find the fantastic super dry hoodies a very large selection. In addition, nice, plump wool sweaters, plain or with chic patterns are really in.

Fashion Jewellery: The range of jewellery is varied

Fossil is known for watches and jewellery, but also bags, shoes, clothes and accessories are now available. The range of jewellery is varied, especially for women. For many women, earrings are simply part of, whether it is subtle or flashy models pieces. Various earrings complement your wardrobe as a fashion accessory; other models are neutral and can be worn on various garments.

Kids clothes for transitional period

The first rule is: not too hot, not too cold. Very funny, you will now think is logical. But unfortunately not so easy. If I, for example, my two children would always attract the same warm, I could not meet two of. My 3 year old daughter is very petite and moves much less than its nearly 6 -year-old big brother who constantly has ants in.

Even small children have a different perception of temperature and initially find out if your child starts to sweat easily or is more of the shivering variety. In babies, there is the basic rule that you should always put them on slightly warmer than himself If mom so for a longer stay in the open air gets cold legs and the wind blows to sensitive ears, should small children already in the fast path in front of the door be equipped with tights and headgear.

The second rule is: layered look. This is simple and effective at the same time and comes with both ” Schwitzkindern ” and ” frostbite ” benefit. The best attracts you older children in the transitional period always several garments, which they can then take off at will. It is recommended, for example, first an undershirt, then a T-Shirt, Sweatshirt or a thin sweater and to play outside a function or a jacket breathable rain jacket. Good functional clothing is a lot of value in the transitional period and ensures that children are toasty wrapped in all weather conditions.

Mothers with small babies are well advised when their children as long as they are not yet walking, warm wrap in rompers and suits and including attention to bodies with a high proportion of natural fibers (cotton, linen, cashmere, wool), so that the little ones completely comfortable. The layer above may also include shares of synthetic fibers (viscose, polyester, nylon), so that an optimal heat and humidity conditions and is guaranteed for a higher comfort while in motion.

A jumpsuit for children and adults

Now where it gets really frosty outside already and we already partially return home with red cheeks, is the feeling when we hang the street clothes on the hook and us in the most comfortable in – slouch, we can find in our closets, just wonderful.

Our daughter has recently been particularly envious of me in such moments, as she got away from the brand new Berlin label ZIPUPS a stylish gift: a blue jumpsuit Kids nordics.

When I amused myself a few weeks ago still about a guy in a completely pink jumpsuit that I saw running through the center of Berlin, I still thought: Since when are bodysuits for adults in fashion?

But since then prances our Small at every opportunity in their kids nordics around me, rages or lolling and enjoys it visible, the benefits are to me always conscious: no pinching or bad seats more, an incredible freedom of movement, quick on and off and a cozy, loose feeling when wearing.

I also have been playing with the idea to bring me a ZIPUPS because luckily there is this yes even for adults – and he does not have to be pink…